Terms of Service


100% refund amount

You are entitled to a full refund if your device(s) has not been added to any of our developer accounts

25% refund amount

You are entitled to a 25% refund for the following reasons

  • You are unhappy after a revoke when on our Pro plan with the cooldowns that your device(s) might have after a revoke.
  • Unhappy with our Service before your certificate(s) have been provided but your device(s) have been added to an developer account.

Why 25%

When your device(s) has been added to one of our developer accounts we are unable to remove it if you are unhappy so the reminder % is compensation for the lost device slot.

Charge backs

If you request a charge back from your bank regarding MapleSign you will be blacklisted from buying MapleSign again in the future and will not be provided any certificate(s) for any signed devices.

Using fake information

If you use fake information when purchasing MapleSign you will be refunded the full amount back until you correct your information.

General information and Terms of Service

    • The device processing timer is a peroid of time that it takes for apple to add your device(s) to the developer account this cannot be bypassed and takes 24-72 hours.

      The device cooldown timer is a period of time that apple puts a cooldown on your device(s) for adding them to a developer account this can take from 14-30 days.

    • Certificates bought through MapleSign cannot be resoled if our staff find out you will be blacklisted from buying MapleSign for any device(s) in the future.
    • We only offer support with using Esign, Scarlet and Gbox. We are not responsible for any loss of data or files when using our service you the customer are responsible for any damages.

Privacy Policy

You can find our privacy policy on our website right

By purchasing MapleSign you agree that you understand our Terms of service & refund policy and cannot fight against it.

MapleSigns policy's can be changed or updated at any time by the MapleSign staff team

Any questions regarding the terms of service can be addressed by contacting us at any of our social media pages or our support email that can be found .